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No wonder so many of us write these stories. . . with that man and his characters for inspiration, how can we go wrong?  How can we not feel inspired?




Zorro Fiction




The Caesar Chronicles- Sue Kite
     Hail, Caesar:  An ugly little dog gets Zorro into trouble.
     Et Tu, Brutus: A foxhound, Caesar, and a bet spell trouble for Zorro.
     Caesar Triumphant:  Caesar and a boy from the future help out Zorro.
Amnesty- Sue Kite
     A short tale of what happens when Anna Maria finally figures out Diego's secret.
Discovery- Sue Kite
     How Alejandro found out Diego's secret. 
The Encounter Stories-  Sue Kite
     European EncounterThe story of how Bernardo and Diego met.
     California Encounter: Diego's fencing mentor comes to California.
The Holiday Stories- Sue Kite
     Cupid Wears Black: Zorro plays Cupid when Joe Crane comes back to town.
     Juan's Christmas Gift: A mysterious man from the past creates a Christmas miracle.
     Luck of the Irish: Leprechauns and gold play havoc with Zorro's secret.
     Peace on Earth: A disillusioned Diego finds out the true meaning of Christmas & love.
     Return with Honor: Diego remembers lessons his mother taught.
     Voodoo Queen: A self-proclaimed voodoo priestess preys on the pueblo.
The Great Boot Rebellion- Sue Kite
     The lancers finally get fed up with no pay and stage a rebellion.
Conspiracy- Sue Kite
     Arturo Toledano returns to help Zorro foil an attempted assassination.
Heartsong- Sue Kite
     A very short story of devotion and courage.
The Missing Scenes: Sue Kite
     An Affair of HonorJust how did Diego get out of that woodshed?
     Spark of RevengeAnd how did Zorro persuade Miguel Roverto to take his money?
Mountain Retreat- Sue Kite
     A first person account of how Diego was captured by Indians.
Sanctuary- Sue Kite
     A first person account of Zorro's hunt for a cattle rustler.
A Day to Remember- Pat Crumpler
     An injured Zorro is cared for by an old couple with a terrible secret.
Being Fair- Pat Crumpler
     A St. Patrick's tale set in old Los Angeles. 
Los Tres Amigos- Pat Crumpler
     Three friends and all of them hold deadly secrets.
Mystery of the Hacienda de la Lagos- Pat Crumpler
     A restless ghost is the All Hallow's Eve dilemma that Zorro must solve.
The Gift- Gail Manfre
     Diego must deal with Anna Maria's rejection of his marriage proposal.
The Promise- Gail Manfre           
     A beautiful heiress and Zorro team up to fight an evil comandante.
The Irish Colonel- Eugene Craig
     An Irishman comes to the pueblo harboring a secret Diego feels he must solve.    
Memories in the Dust: Diego is kidnapped by aliens & must find his way back home.
Starlight Dreams: The alien woman who rescued Diego comes back to Los Angeles.  (follows Memories in the Dust.)
Pacific Odyssey (a novel in three parts)- Sue Kite
     Diego is kidnapped and indentured on a British cargo ship.  How will he get back home?
The Hernando Trilogy- Sue Kite
     Swordsman's Revenge: An enemy from the past returns to kill Zorro.
     Ramon; a good Samaritan story: Hernando must solve the mystery of Ramon.
     Journey into Danger: An old friend, a new danger. 
Song of Joy- Sue Kite
     A story from Garcia's point of view.  Can the hapless sergeant ever find love?
The Crossovers- Sue Kite
     Rendezvous with the Future: 2 characters meet themselves in this LIS/Zorro cross.
     Reyes Takes a Vacation: Buck Rogers finds himself in early California.
     A Time to Reflect: 2 time travelers find themselves Sp. California.  A Time Tunnel/Zorro cross.
     A Matter of Time: Two cultures clash in the ultimate hide and seek adventure.  A Voyage to the Bottom of  the Sea/Zorro cross.                                        
With Friends Like These- Sue Kite
     Ricardo del Amo goes overboard with his jokes.
The Comandante of Monterey & the Challenge of Seņorita Anamaria Verdugo        Eugene H. Craig    (The comandante of Monterey sets his sights on a lovely lady.)  
The Boy with a Dream- Eugene H. Craig    
    A look into the mind of Enrique Sanchez Monastario.  
Foxhunt- Susan Kite          
     Zorro finds himself the object of a deadly foxhunt that covers most of southern California.
Ricardo- A Conversation Under the Trees Eugene H. Craig      
    A conversation between Diego and Annamaria about Ricardo del Amo. 
The Forge Trilogy- Keliana Baker   
    Ania Valdez, new to the pueblo, runs afoul of a greedy and malicious comandante.
AnnaMaria's Heartbreak- Carolynn Bjorkmann    
    Carolynn's tribute to Keliana.    Everyone deserves a 2nd chance, will AnnaMaria get hers?
Zorro and the Old Comandante- Eugene H. Craig    
   Monastario's temporary replacement is a most intriguing man. 

Zorro and the Lost City of Women- Pat C. (Just what lies down the foreboding river?) 

Teresa Angelina- Gail Manfre
     A very short story about love found.  
Zorro's Christmas Carol- Kay  
  Zorro gets to redeem a miserable and despairing caballero just before Christmas. 


Zorro Related Events  (dedications, celebrations and galleries)


Zorro Poetry and Essays


Transformation- Sue Kite
     A poem of the burden and glory of being Zorro.
Transformation 2- Sue Kite
     The Sequel to Transformation.
Squire- Sue Kite
     A poem describing the dedication of Bernardo.
Sword of Zorro & Accusing Eyes- Sue Kite
     Two short poems
Zorro Stanzas- by various authors
     A poetic round robin.
Everything I Need to Know, I Learned from Zorro- Shari Ann Snelling
     A humorous, but true look at what Zorro teaches.
A Birthday Tribute- Sue Kite
     An essay celebrating Guy's life.
Zorro Sightings
     Places where the influence of Zorro has been seen.  Submitted by various individuals.
A Stranger in Black- Gail Manfre
     A heroic poem about our favorite hero.
Magdelena- Gail Manfre
     A poem of remorse from the point of view of a woman who fell from grace.
Mask of Zorro- Gail Manfre
     Another poem celebrating the hero in black. 
Hollywood Star Memories- Gail Manfre
     A poem celebrating the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Guy Williams, 2001.
Musings About El Zorro & Guy Williams- Gail Manfre
     More poetic words of praise about the hero and the man who brought him to life.
My El Zorro- Gail Manfre
     A poem extolling the virtues of Zorro.
A Birthday Wish- Alize Patterson
     A birthday poem to the perfect man in black.
God's Gift- Alize Patterson
     Extolling the virtues of Guy Williams. 
Because There was Zorro- Mary Lou Houck
     Mission Bench Dedication Essay, August 2003
A Reflection- Sue Kite
     Mission Bench Dedication Essay, August 2003
Poem- Elise Triniol
     Mission Bench Dedication Poem, August 2003
Dedication Ode- Gail Manfre
     Mission Bench Dedication Poem, August 2003
The Night Before Christmas in the Vault- Sue Kite
    A variation of the Clement Moore poem on the occasion of the closing of Vault Disney.
What If Guy Were to Visit- Sue Kite   (A short essay of gratitude)
Felipe's Song- Sue Kite  (a short poem based on a New World Zorro character) 


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