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The Phantom &

The Return of the Phantom



Two of my favorite episodes were the Phantom episodes, especially "Return of the Phantom." The pacing was fast, the plots intense and Krueger was a fantastic nemesis for our men on the boat. They both had the added benefit of spooky lighting, close-ups, and different camera angles that made the story even spookier. As I told David, he  should have won an Emmy for "The Return of the Phantom."  Richard, too.  (Most of the phenomenal pictures on this page are from KimQ)



An intense moment from "The Phantom Strikes."  Not only that, but we get an excellent look at those marvelous hazel eyes.



As in the previous picture, this is from "The Phantom Strikes."  This one is another careful study of Nelson who is driven by Capt. Krueger to make a terrible choice.




Crane feels that Krueger poses a threat to the sub almost from the get go, but isn't totally sure what form that threat is going to take from one moment to the other.  He also has to deal with the admiral's strange behavior.  This is a capture from "The Phantom Strikes."



And then there was Gerhard Krueger, the ghost of a WWI U-boat Captain, who had an agenda. The reason behind it was not clearly stated in the first episode, but was ruthlessly forced on the men of the Seaview in "The Phantom Returns."  Alfred Ryder was the perfect choice for the part of Krueger.           My thanks to Carol for this great picture.


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