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I so love my Voyage men and I have received some wonderful screen captures from folks!  My biggest contributor is KimQ, but have received  many pictures from LaJuan, some from Kay and Carol, and have picked through the extensive capture files of Stephanie K.  My sincerest thanks to all of you.  I figure there may be a few other pictures that I have picked up here and there.  If so and I post anyone's picture without acknowledging his/her contribution, (or if you simply don't want it up here on this site), please let me know.  

On the other hand, I have found out that some of these pictures are being copied and sold on eBay as rare photos. These pictures are not for sale.  Please do not copy them for that purpose. They were gifts and the result of the efforts of some very dedicated people.  Because of that issue, I and my contributors are putting labels and watermarks on the pictures. I am sorry if that is a viewing inconvenience.  A sign of the times, I'm afraid.       sue





Admiral Harriman Nelson


I fully believe that Admiral Harriman Nelson, creator of the fabulous submarine, SSRN Seaview and the institute that bears his name, is one of the most intriguing characters since Captain Nemo, (but at the same time, infinitely more likable).   And Nelson was best played by the fantastic Richard Basehart.  No one will ever match Basehart's subtle, and yet, larger than life rendition of our favorite admiral. So without further statement, some wonderful pictures of Harriman Nelson, Admiral US Navy (ret.).  

Thanks to all who contributed.  If anyone has a favorite they would like to see on these pages, please send me a copy (sorry, I don't have snatch and capture capabilities) and I will gladly add it to the gallery.





A wonderful look at the stunningly intense blue eyes.   I certainly wouldn't have wanted to mess with this man when he was angry.  And yet there were times when you just simply wanted the admiral to put his arms around you and comfort you. 




"Terror on Dinosaur Island" (second season) was a lame premise with wonderful scenes in it.  In this one he's stranded on the island with a wounded Chief Sharkey after the Flying Sub crashes.   The admiral looks good in a flight jacket as well as khaki. 


Nelson at work.  The man could come up with any type of contrivance from just about any kind of material.  He invented modern wonders from vidphones to laptop computers to flying submersibles well before such things were thought of.  Not bad for a 1960's show.




I love this black and white shot.  Shows strength, determination and the fire that a genius such as Nelson was supposed to have.  First season during an episode when the wardrobe man forgot how many stars the admiral was supposed to have. 


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