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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea was one of the very first shows that I got hooked on.  It combined the great talents of Richard Basehart and David Hedison, along with Robert Dowdell, Terry Becker and others.  It had a phenomenal premise, that of a research submarine (the other main character-- the incredible Seaview) exploring the vast oceanic reaches of the planet.  Within that generalized premise there were taut adventures with themes of espionage, science fiction and the supernatural.  While any Voyage enthusiast will agree that the premise and plots digressed into something less than scintillating in later episodes, it still offered great action and the terrific characters.  And it offered an amazing amount of fodder for fan fiction archives.  There is a great deal out there already; a vast collection wonderfully written stories.  

I am overwhelmed by all those who have been kind enough to contribute their stories to this site! There have been so many that I saw the need to redo the Voyage contents page. The stories are now listed alphabetically under the author's name.....    

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Voyage Gallery  New pages added as I get pictures!


Sean Brannigan's Fiction:
Brothers- (How do you say good-bye?) (2/09)
Let Go- (Lee Crane is too stubborn to let go.) (11/09)
New Man- (That new CPO can throw a mean punch!) (3/09)


EmmaLynn Rose's Fiction: 
Aunt Marie's Date (Aunt Marie scores big!) (2/09)
From the Deep- by EmmaLynn Rose & GrayLady Sharon (sequel to The Cave) (2/09)
Journey's End- by GrayLady Sharon, EmmaLynn Rose & Sean Brannigan (WHN for Journey with Fear) (2/09)
New Orleans- (two middies tempt fate) (2/09)
Shopping- (And who did you meet at the grocery store?) (2/09)
The Cave- (Something horrible dwells in a deep sea grotto) (2/09)


Helen H's Fiction: 
A Halloween Tale- Ghost stories at the Institute (2/10)
A Tangled Web- The admiral helps a lady in distress (6/15)
A Whispering in Distant Chambers- What is that rustling in the corners? (10/11)
"And Memory Takes Them"- Nelson takes a vacation & meets someone interesting (3/09)
Christmas Joys- Lee is late again; where is he this time? (2/15)
Crave Pardon for my Boldness- Galene comes to Harry's aid once more. (12/09) 
Curley on the Case- A prologue to Doomsday. (6/13)
Dream of Home- There is something sinister about that old house. (6/13)
Duty is an Icy Shadow- Nelson meets Galene. (3/10)
Ex Scientia Tridens - Young Harry determines his future. (2/10)
From Dreams of Thee- Harry and Galene. (5/10)
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas- Lee and Chip are invited to a Christmas party. (12/11)
High Hopes- This time it's Angie in danger. (9/10)
“Il Diavolo Fa le Pentole Ma Non i Coperchi”- When in Italy....  (9/12)
Just Another Spooky Day- Post ONI Halloween fun (2/15) 
Give Me That Man- Chip meets Galene. (5/12)
Let Men Know- Memories are bittersweet aboard Seaview. (7/11)
Limits of the Possible- A WHN to The Sky is Falling. (4/12)
No Matter What- Even people who love each other can have a disagreement. (5/11)
Responsibility- Crane has a difficult time writing a letter (3/09)
"Strong for Service Still"- Capt. Nelson's mission at the academy (3/09)
The Admiral and the Actress- A Galene vignette. (8/14)
The Luck of the Irish-   A young Lt. Cmdr. Nelson between assignments. (8/09)
The Truth Has Countless Faces- Lee is accused of murder. (3/10)
"To Hear the Sea-Maid's Music"- How Galene introduced herself to Seaview. (8/09)
Trick or Treat- The tables are turned on the admiral. (1/14)
With All Good Grace- There's got to be one good man for the job! (4/14)
Wondrous Strange- The admiral tells another tale. (11/10)


Sherlockette's Fiction: 
Bibliography- Admiral Nelson begins a new phase in his life; a pre-Voyage story. (7/11)
Communities- Strange goings on in a very tight community. Follows Residual Effect (4/11)
Contingencies- Every good plan needs a contingency just in case....   (12/10)
Dreamers- The world continues to need dreamers and dreamers need encouragement. (12/10)
Heir to the Truth- Follows Matchstick Men. As Harry recovers from his ordeal, a blackmailer comes calling. (8/14)
Les Visages- A Halloween "prank" has unexpected consequences. (10/11)
Matchstick Men- Something lurks in the fjord; something from the past. Follows The Rally. (1/13)
Rebirth- A WHN to Submarine Sunk Here; how great ideas come about. (1/14)
Residual Effect- Lee is away on a mission and someone is wrecking havoc on Seaview. Follows Sound Effects. (3/11)
Serendipity- The men enjoy a bit of fireworks. (1/14)
Small Reparations- It's the least he could do for the person who saved his life. (12/12)
Sound Effects- The Admiral and Chip are kidnapped during a convention. (2/11)
The Rally- Lee and Chip find themselves helping a family in need at a road rally. (7/11)
The Salute- A WHN to Eleven Days to Zero. (12/10)


Sue Kite's Fiction: 
A Change of Service- (Patterson goes to visit his cousin in the Army & finds something unexpected.) Short story.
A Different Kind of Ocean- Lee takes on a new job on a whim. (7/09)
A Flight of Fancy- Capt. Crane decides a stand-by flight would be quicker.  Short story.
A Matter of Time- (A Voyage & Zorro crossover.) Pem has the ultimate revenge against Admiral Nelson.  Longer story.
A Mission to Remember  Posted in Seaview Stories. (10/08) 
A Visit Home- (Lee is home for the 4th) vignette  (7/08)
All Things Considered- (Sequel to Murphy's Law; Seaview Style) Novelette (7/12)
And What Do the Stars Say About Me?- A woman with an unusual talent befriends Lee (2/10)
Bear River Rendezvous (Chip and Lee get into trouble in N. Utah) Follows I'll Be Home For Christmas- Hopefully, but can stand alone. (1/09)
Could Have, Would Have, Should Have- The admiral finds Murphy's Law on a dark night. (6/09)
Christmas Committee Posted in Seaview Stories as part of a challenge (12/08)
Christmas Story- (Another Christmas story) Originally posted on Teela's Uncharted Water's site.  Vignette.
Confusion After Mayhem- A whn from Ski's pov, Phantom Returns (6/13) Vignette
Day of Evil Epilogue- (1/09) vignette
Deadline- (The seconds are ticking away) Short vignette.  
Deep Six- (Lee's cat gets in on the action) Short vignette. (8/10- posted on Carol's Seaview Stories) 
First Impressions (set before the Voyage episodes.) Vignette
Foam on the Large Wave (Fisi 'o e nauaoam)- - - (Crane is the victim of a botched ONI plot.) novel length
For Curley-   (a short story that tells how Curley left the boat.)  A tribute to a remarkable character.
For Jeremy- (Crane meets an incredible young man when  forced to land the Flying Sub in  E. Tennessee)
From Jeremy- (Lee gets a letter from Jeremy.) A vignette originally posted on Teela's Uncharted Waters site, part of a challenge. 
Hang Ten- (Riley decides on a stunt to end all stunts.) A vignette originally posted on Teela's Uncharted Waters site
Here Yesterday--Gone Tomorrow- (Lee attends a sad school reunion). Vignette, (6/13)
I'll Be Home for Christmas--Hopefully- (Crane is captured in the People's Republic) long story.  (1/08)
Just Doing My Job- (Cmdr Nelson finds a friend in Saigon.)  Originally posted on Uncharted Waters site.  
Like a Dream- (1st person. Lee's experience with his first child.) A vignette. 
Loloa Fononga: The Long Journey (Crane loses his command). Follows Spirit of the Brown Bear.
Memoirs and Memories-  (An older Nelson recounts the encounter with Krueger) Shorter story.
Memories and Reconciliation- (Follow-up to Memoirs and Memories.) Shorter story.
Mission Accomplished- Edith has to figure out some way to get Nelson out of his funk.) A vignette. Thanksgiving story (12/12)
Murphy's Law; Seaview Style- (What can go wrong, usually does....) 7/12
Nelson at the Bat (A tongue in cheek homage to Nelson's skills.)  6/08
One Last Time- (Lee Crane is picked to go undercover to save an old friend.) 5/10  Mid-sized story
Only in New York- Also posted on Teela's Uncharted Waters site.  A Voyage/Real Ghostbusters crossover.
Pandora's Box- ( What does the mysterious locked box contain?)  Short story.
Past Tense Future- (Mr. Pem doesn't do anything the easy way)  A short vignette totally out of my Voyage UA. 
Remember When....  Posted in Seaview Stories. (10/08) 
School Days-  (Sharkey is very reluctant to volunteer.)  A vignette.
Sea and Sky (A poem celebrating one of the characters of Voyage.)
Shadowland- (A very nasty surprise awaits the crew in Antarctica) Medium length story.
Siren's Call- (Harry knows his limitations-- or does he?) Vignette (2/11)
Spirit of the Brown Bear (Torar Angiyok Aklark)- (Nelson is targeted for death when he goes to Alaska) Follows Foam on the Large Wave, but it is a stand alone story.
Such a Lovely Shade of Lavender- additions by Carol and Lin.  (Cookie gets a very unusual food item.)  vignette.
The Assignment- (If John Phillips had not been killed in "Eleven Days to Zero" how would Crane end up on Seaview?)  
The Blue Box- (Help battling  monsters, aliens and other forces arrives from a surprising source.) vignette
The Christmas Invitation- Something funnie's happening on Christmas. Follows One Last Time- vignette. (1/14)
The Enemies-  (A bit of scene adding & scene changing for the end of the excellent first year episode, The Enemies.)
The Exterminator- (Patterson's gift to Cookie has serious consequences.) A vignette also posted on Teela's Uncharted Waters site  
The Ghosts of Long Island- (Lee & Meeka on a cursed island.) Also posted on Uncharted Waters. Follows Loloa Fononga.  
The Journal- Chip describes how he proposed to Nikki. (1/10)
The Lady's Pleasure- (A cross between Voyage & Real Ghostbusters).  Also posted on Teela's Uncharted Waters site.   
The Little Army-   (Crane and Morton are caught in the middle of a foreign govt.'s overthrow.)
The Little Red Car- (How Lee got his Cobra) A short story posted on Seaview Stories (10/10) 
The New Man- (A deep-sea diver is offered a position on Seaview.) A little seen crewman who pops up in a few of the eps. 
Visions of the Night- (Morton gets into trouble on a vacation in northwestern U.S.) A longer story.   (3/08)
Where the Heart Is- (A Christmas story.) Vignette.
WHN to "Graveyard of Fear"- Some serious questions are answered. Vignette (4/14)
WHN to "Shadowman"- (This is also a crossover.... how does Crane get himself into these messes?) Short Story (5/11)
WHN to "The City Beneath the Sea"- (The gifts flow; now what to do with them.) vignette. (1/14)


LaJuan's Fiction: 
Flying Sub Driver- (Ski has to pass his flying test in this hilarious poem.)
Pat's Vigil- (An ode to the skipper with nine lives.)
Second Sight (A poem about one crewman's unusual ability.)
Cookie's Lament- (A poem elaborating the perils of being a cook on board Seaview.)
Doubles (An incredibly complex, riveting and delightful story of mistaken identity.)
Full Circle- (Kindness from a caring stranger comes full circle.)  Originally posted on Teela's Uncharted Waters site.  
Mission Possible- (An injured Lee Crane has no intention of going to the crew's get-together.) Originally posted on Teela's Uncharted Waters site.  
Tio Lee-   (Even babysitting can be dangerous.) Follows Mission Possible.   
Bailing Wire, Bubble Gum and Shade Tree Mechanics- (A new rate uses his own kind of know how in an emergency.) Originally posted on Teela's Uncharted Waters site.  
Eyes- (What are those eyes Lee's talking about?) vignette   (2008)
Reunion- (An Alternate Universe story to "Submarine Sunk Here") vignette   (9/2008)
Lost Friend- (A retired Admiral Nelson loses a dear friend.)
Lost Friend II- (Words can be wedges driving friendships apart.)
Lost Friend III-   (Can the influence of one man bring two friends together again?)
Lost Friend IV-   (Cats, the sea and old friends.)
Lost Friend V- (How could anything create a wedge between two old friends?)
Will of the Wisp- (Dealing with grief. (9/09)
Sorrows- (Doc's thoughts after saving the captain's life.) (5/09)
This Way of Life- (The Captain has a very interesting hobby!) vignette 5/13


Lin's Fiction: 
A New Beginning- (Lt. Cathy Conners finds a place at NIMR.)


Michelle Pichette's Fiction: 
Belonging- (a Voyage/Andromeda crossover) (2/09)  Novel length story.
Dark of the Ocean's Depths- (Has the crew met it's match when vampires decide to take over the boat?) (11/10)


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