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I love the Lost in Space Premise and the characters.  The idea of a family lost in the deep reaches of space, living only by the grace of God and their own ingenuity is so intriguing to me.                            When I set out to write a Lost in Space story, (and I thought it would be just one story), I had not watched the show, except for parts of a couple of episodes in over thirty years.                                          One of those episodes appalled me.  I had forgotten how very much the show had degenerated to the Smith/Will/and Robot comedy routine.  I agree with Guy Williams' assessment when he said something to the effect of Lost in Space not being campy, but having an acute case of the sillies...   Campy can be tasteful and fun, while still retaining some small amount of dignity.  What I saw was definitely not dignified.                                                                 I had an idea of what I wanted to do with my stories.  I wanted to retain as much of the qualities of the characters and plot as I could, while adding back the adventure, dignity, honest to goodness sci-fi and daring-do of the first few episodes.                                          When I began posting my first Lost in Space story, I had many of my friends tell me that they had not watched Lost in Space (poor, deprived people), and were unfamiliar with the characters.           With that in mind, I will quit editorializing and present to you the characters that inhabit my stories....            




        Star photos courtesy of the Hubble Site.





This is the Jupiter II take from a reissued trading card.  

This  is from the second episode, "The Derelict" where the expedition is stranded on an abandoned space station.  



The Story-

The show was set in 1997, when the Jupiter II mission was launched with the first family in space on board.  Their mission: to journey to, and colonize a habitable planet orbiting Alpha Centauri.  On board was John and Maureen Robinson, their children, Judy, Penny and Will, their pilot, Major Don West, and an environmental  robot.                                                               

The journey was scheduled to take over five years with the crew spending the entirety of the voyage in cryogenic chambers.  The Robot was to make sure all was safe during that time. Zachary Smith, sneaked on board just prior to launch to change the Robot's directives.  The new directive:  to kill the crew eight hours after launch.  Smith lingered on board too long and became an unwilling stowaway.  Not only did Smith's added weight cause the craft to veer off course, at which time he revived the 'frozen' travelers, but at the proscribed time, the Robot went on his destructive rampage, causing the ship to go into a form of hyperdrive, sending it into regions totally unknown to the Robinson family.   Hopelessly lost and with a damaged ship, the group begins their efforts to discover where they are and to consequently return to Earth or Alpha Centauri.....



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