Buck Rogers

in the 25th Century





I picked this up at AdventureCon, May 2003.   While I love the 1979-81 show, I do remember Buster Crabbe's Buck Rogers with fondness.  He set the stage for the Buck Rogers we enjoy today.   From the left, Buster Crabbe, Erin Gray and Gil Gerard.





Buck Rogers has been around since his creation by Phillip Nowlan early in the 20th century.  But it was his incarnation in the 1979 film that really stirred my imagination.  I was still a newlywed, although pregnant at the time, and the movie was a rollicking great way to spend an evening.  I loved Gil Gerard's rendition of the character, at once fun loving, but with a seriousness that made the character believable.   I was overjoyed that the film was adapted and brought to television and I watched both years that the program was on, enjoying even the changes that at first seemed drastic, but still kept the feel of adventure and excitement. 

Like Zorro, I found myself rediscovering Buck Rogers recently, and then found the stories coming like flights of starfighters into my head.  At present I have nine stories about the space adventurer and his friends, but hope there will be more. 

Unlike Zorro, with this show, I have found great pleasure in meeting the major cast members, Gil Gerard, whose charm in person tells me why I was so charmed while watching the show, Erin Gray, who is such a lovely, lovely person, unpretentious and caring, and Felix Silla, what a delightful man, who has given me a new appreciation for Twiki.   Just recently, I have had the distinct privilege of meeting Thom Christopher, who gave life to the second season regular, Hawk.  What a dear, sweet man.

I thank, not only my friends on the Zorro lists, but also my new friends on the Buck Rogers list.  Their help has been invaluable as I have slowly been able to acquire more episodes to watch and remember and fill in the blanks that almost twenty-five years had seemingly erased.   And now I have the DVD's!!!

The characters Buck, Wilma, Dr. Huer, Twiki, Dr. Theopolis, Hawk, Asimov, Goodfellow and Crichton are all owned by others.  I do my best to return them in one piece.  




The Stories:  


Time and Again---                                                                                                   
 As Buck tries to come to terms with his past, a deadly virus threatens to destroy his present.  Takes place after The Dorian Secret.


Journeys of the Mind---                                                                                           
 A mission turns horribly awry when the crew of the Searcher finds an organization bent on the annihilation of a planet's inhabitants.  Takes place after Time and Again.  


Reyes Takes a Vacation; a crossover in four and a half parts---          
 Buck is swept into a vortex that leaves him in 1820 Spanish California.  Takes place before Planet of the Amazon Women


Time of the Hawk: Missing Scene                                                                
 What happened during that three weeks that Hawk spent on the Searcher before his trial?


Forerunners of Bosk---                                                                               
 Revenge rears it's ugly head when Buck and Hawk are kidnapped and taken to a place that will not only test their determination and fortitude, but also their sanity.  A sequel to Journeys of the Mind.


Freedom's Wings: the conclusion of Forerunners of Bosk---                     
 Buck faces his most difficult challenge as he tries to overcome the horror of his imprisonment.


Transition; a missing scene from between the first and second seasons---     
 A short explanation as to how Buck, Wilma and Twiki ended up on the Searcher.


Teresa Spanics' alternate ending for Time of the Hawk---                        
What were Hawk's real desires after Koori's death and how badly did he want to join his mate?


Another Alternate Scene from 'Time of the Hawk'--      
What would Hawk have done if Buck had been hurt when he fell from the heights?


Cat's Cradle--   
 A strange occurrence on a strange planet has a weird effect on Buck.  Follows Freedom's Wings.


Corridors of Time-- New!
A crossover with Time Tunnel. What happens when the Directorate finds a mysterious installation in the middle of the southwestern desert.




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