Hawk's Fight with Buck


(Alternative Scene from "Time of the Hawk")



Teresa Spanics







Chapter Seven


One medic carefully held the rock that was stuck in Hawk's right side so a second medic would be able to place pressure dressing around it.  Despite the gentleness in which the medics worked on his injured side and knee, Hawk still would not trust the humans treating his wounds.  The pain of his wounds had not diminished at all.  He wanted desperately to get to his feet and run as far away as he could from them.  Hawk struggled to get up and move, but he found that Rogers would not release his hold on his arms.

"Release ... me," ordered Hawk as he endeavored to pry Rogers' hands off his arms in an effort to get free of the human.

"No," replied Buck as he tightened his grip on Hawk's arms and pushed down again to prevent the birdman from further injuring himself.

When Hawk tried to push one of the medi-evac team members away from him with his good leg, the medic quickly held down the leg, allowing another team member to cut away Hawk's pant leg up past the knee before applying the heavy gauze to his badly bleeding knee. 

Looking down at Hawk and holding him down harder, Buck scolded him, "Stop that!  Will you stay still, Hawk?  They are trying to save your life."

Hawk looked up at Rogers, "Let ... me ... go, human." He tried to pull his arms free, but the intense pain was like huge waves smashing against him harder and harder.

Hawk found himself gripping tighter onto Rogers' arms as a grimace of pain etched itself over his face and a groan of agony was forced from his lips.  He could only lay there floating in a pool of extreme agony and wondered how long it would be before the humans would allow him to die.

With Buck helping keep Hawk still, the medics were able to finish bandaging Hawk's injuries.  One of medic took over holding Hawk's arms against his body from Buck so the other medics could gently hold the birdman as still and straight as they could before turning him onto his side so a back board could be carefully placed against his back.  Once the back board was in position, Hawk was turned once again onto his back and then straps from the back board were used to hold him in place.  As they lifted him up to put him onto the stretcher, Hawk frantically tried to free himself from the stretcher's straps when he moaned in pain from the searing agony that raced through him and he passed out.  The sight of the birdman passing out scared Buck.

"Hawk!" cried Buck grabbing Hawk's shoulders.

"He is all right, Captain Rogers.  He just passed out," assured one of the medics after checking Hawk's pulse in his neck.

"He will be fine, Buck.  Hawk is in good hands," said Wilma soothingly.

With Hawk on the stretcher, the medi-evac team rushed the birdman into the shuttle and Buck hopped in with them.  Wilma got back into her starfighter and both shuttle and starfighter headed back to the Searcher.

Once the medi-evac team's shuttle landed in the docking bay of the Searcher, they immediately rushed Hawk to the sickbay.  Buck and Wilma left Hawk in the care of the medical staff after making sure Hawk was in good hands and then they went to report Hawk's capture to Admiral Asimov.

Once Hawk was brought into the sickbay, the medi-evac team was met by Dr. Goodfellow who had been literally beside himself since learning of Hawk's serious injuries.  The birdman was carefully lifted from the stretcher and placed onto one of the sickbay's medi-beds.

"How long has he been unconscious?" asked Dr. Goodfellow.

One of the medi-evac team members replied.  "About three minutes.  He was conscious prior to being placed in the stretcher and then passed out when we were transporting him, Dr. Goodfellow."

"Hang on, my dear boy. Do hang on."  Dr. Goodfellow said to an unconscious Hawk and then began to give orders to his medical staff.  "Start removing his body armor and clothes.  I want full vital scans.  We need to know how badly he is hurt before we can stabilize him.  We were lucky that a healer on Throm was able to give us information on the correct medications to give a bird person.  I want the sedatives, anesthesia, antibiotics and tranquilizers as well as anything else we might need to safely treat this magnificent life-form.  Hurry!"

Awakening in pain, Hawk moaned as his body armor and gloves were removed.  Looking around, he found himself laying on a medi-bed in an unfamiliar sickbay and surrounded by many humans.

Dr. Goodfellow heard Hawk's moan of pain and hurried to his side.  "Easy, my young friend, easy.  You are safe now.  We will to treat your injuries.  Try and lay still now.  You will be fine."

"Careful, Dr. Goodfellow.  The birdman, Hawk, was combative when we were trying to treat him.  Colonel Deering had to distract him so Captain Rogers could restrain Hawk before we could even begin to treat him.  If it was not for Captain Rogers and Colonel Deering, we would not have been able to get his bleeding under control," cautioned one of the medi-evac team members.

"Where am I?  Let ... me ... go," gasped Hawk as he tried to sit up, but failed as the pain proved to be too much for him and wound up grabbing the sides of the medi-bed in agony.  "I ... won't ... be ... treated ... by ... humans."




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