Hawk's Fight with Buck


(Alternative Scene from "Time of the Hawk")



Teresa Spanics





Chapter Six


Then Hawk grabbed at the rock again and tried to pull it out.  Once again, Buck was able to stop him by pulling Hawk's hands away and then pined them against Hawk's right side to keep more pressure on the injury.  "Hawk, are you out of your mind?!  Pulling that rock out of you will cause you to bleed to death!"

"Let ... me ... die!" gasped Hawk.  "Just ..."

Interrupting, "Hawk, I am not going to let you kill yourself," exclaimed Buck.

"Why ... should I ... not kill myself.  ... There is ... nothing left ... for me ... all that mattered ... to me ... is gone," moaned Hawk.  

"Koori would not want you to kill yourself!" yelled Buck. 

"Koori ... Koori ...," groaned Hawk in sorrow.  Then he grabbed at his injured side as the pain got worse.  Hawk turned his head to look Rogers straight in the face as a look of fear came into his eyes as the cold he had been feeling began to pour into him.  "I am ... feeling cold ... very cold."

"Stay with me, Hawk," coaxed Buck.

Buck grabbed onto Hawk's shoulder and kept pressure on Hawk's injured side as shivers started running through Hawk's body and cried, "Hold on, Hawk!  Hold on!" as an agonized grimace came to Hawk's face as Hawk tightened his grip on his side in pain and fear of the painful death that was coming.

Buck realized that Hawk was going into shock and needed to get to a medical center as soon as possible.  How and where to get Hawk help ran through Buck's mind when the roar of a starfighter's engines overhead made him look up.

The starfighter circled once overhead before landing not far from the two of them.  The cockpit opened and Wilma Deering came out.  The sight of his friend running up was a sight Buck was ever so glad to see.

"Buck, are you all right?" Wilma asked as she approached Buck.  Seeing Hawk shivering and laying on the ground, Wilma saw that Buck was holding a large piece of black cloth to Hawk's right side with one hand with his other hand on Hawk's shoulder.  "You found, Hawk.  What happened to him?"

"Wilma, get a medical team down here fast!  Hawk took a serious fall and he is bleeding badly!  I don't know how bad he is hurt inside!  Hurry!" yelled Buck as Wilma ran back to her starfighter to call down a medi-evac team.

Wracked with agony, Hawk watched the human female run back to her ship and wondered just who was this human female Rogers called 'Wilma'.  Was she his mate?  He knew that humans tended to have companions of either gender and it was hard to tell at times if they were mates or not when they were in male and female pairings.

Wilma ran back to Buck and Hawk.  "The medi-evac team will be here in a few minutes, Buck.  They told me to tell you to continue with the pressure bandage on Hawk."

"Good.  You hear that, Hawk.  Help will be here soon," Buck said soothingly.

"Who is ... this female?" asked Hawk, gasping as he looked warily at Wilma.

"Colonel Wilma Deering of the ship Searcher," replied Wilma.  "Just lay still.  The medi-evac team's shuttle will be landing soon."

The medi-evac team had been on stand-by during the search for Buck.  It only took the team two minutes to get planet side by shuttle.  Once the team arrived, Buck and Wilma moved aside for them so they could immediately began treating Hawk's injuries by trying to stop the bleeding and transmitting all of Hawk's vital signs to Dr. Goodfellow in the sickbay of the Searcher.  The small trail of blood from his mouth, right side and knee indicated to the medi-evac team that the birdman had possible life-threatening injuries.

Seeing himself surrounded by more humans, Hawk tried to slap any human hands that came anywhere near him.  "I ... won't ... be ... touched ... by ... humans.  Order ... your people ... away from me ... Colonel Deering," Hawk weakly commanded.

"I will not! They are here to help you, Hawk," replied Wilma, gesturing the medi-evac team to stay were they were from Hawk.

Buck whispered to Wilma, "You distract him and I will hold him."

Wilma approached Hawk near his feet, and said, "You will die unless we help you."

With Hawk's attention on Wilma, Buck immediately grabbed onto Hawk's arms and pinned both of them over his head.  "You will let them touch you," snapped Buck.  "They are here to help."

Hawk gasped in agony, "I ... do not ... need ... any humans ... helping me," as he struggled frantically to sit up.

"You do!  You have been seriously hurt.  Let us help you," exclaimed Wilma as Buck was forced to push Hawk back down on his back.

Hawk stiffened in agony as he tried to suppress a cry of pain.  The pain from his wounds was making it harder for him to continue resisting.  Once Wilma saw that the birdman's arms were restrained, she motioned the medi-evac team to begin treating his wounds.




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