Hawk's Fight with Buck


(Alternative Scene from "Time of the Hawk")



Teresa Spanics




Chapter Four


After burying Koori, a plan had formed of getting Rogers to kill him in a fight so he and Koori could be together again. Rather than having to take a sharp piece of rock and use it to slit his own throat, a fight to the death would allow Hawk a better way to defy the humans' 'Galactic Court'.  It was just a matter of arranging the location.

Hawk walked away from Rogers knowing full well that he would follow.  Getting to the top of the cliffs would be the easy part while the hard part would be engaging Rogers in a fight to the death.  The fight would involve Hawk somehow getting Rogers to push him over the edge of the cliff to fall on the rocks below.  Rogers had shown that he had some honor for a human.  Hawk felt that Rogers would give him a decent burial if he asked him to and make sure he was buried beside Koori.

Buck followed Hawk up to the cliff top as a sickening thought came to him.  Hawk was going to use him to commit suicide.  Having Buck murder him was the only other option Hawk felt would allow him to die.  That Hawk felt that all humans were soulless killers and would feel no remorse for their actions saddened Buck.

Once at the top of the cliffs, Buck's mind began working in overdrive.  He had to think of a way to stop Hawk from dying.  Buck could understand how Hawk felt in that there was nothing left in this world worth hanging onto.  The big question was how to convince Hawk that there was a reason to live and not to die.

Hawk gazed out over the Valley of Eagles.  The familiar beauty of the rugged cliffs with the intermingling of vegetation was not lost on him.  It seemed fitting that he would be allowed to view what had once been a happy home to his people one last time.  Hawk turned to look at Rogers who was standing off to one side watching him carefully.  It would hopefully be the last time he would speak to him.

"I have only one request, human.  You have shown me that you have enough honor to grant my request," Hawk said in a calm voice. "Will you grant it?"

"Certainly, what is it?" asked Buck, uneasy at the sound of Hawk's too calm words.

"After you kill me in battle, bury me next to my mate, Koori.  ...  I have already made a marker. ...  You have seen how we are buried so that should not be a problem." Hawk stated in a quiet voice as he threw Rogers his cloak.

"I'll do what you ask, if it becomes necessary." Buck told him as he caught the cloak and put it to one side, realizing that there was no way he could talk Hawk out of killing himself and using him to do it.

"Thank you." Hawk murmured as he took a deep breath to mentally prepare himself for the coming battle.

"Don't you think we are little too high up?" asked Buck, hoping to stall for time.

"This is my home.  ...  This is where I was born ... and this is where I will die." Hawk replied, giving no sign of the coldness he felt starting to spread through his body.

Hawk forced himself not to shed any tears as the cold he had been feeling seemed to envelope him like an icy cloak.  The realization that death was close at hand was frightening, but the fact he would soon be able to go to his beloved Koori allowed Hawk to push that fear aside.

Buck looked around hoping there was something he could throw at Hawk to knock him off his feet.  Anything that would stop Hawk's suicide attempt, unfortunately there was nothing nearby that he could use.

Hawk started to approach Rogers carefully.  He didn't want Rogers to fall to his death, but he also didn't want him to get away.  As much as Hawk hated humans, he didn't want the instrument of his death to die before his own death.

As he slowly moved away from Hawk, Buck felt the ground beneath one foot give slightly.  Buck found himself near the ledge and there was a hairline fracture running along a large section.  It was obvious that anyone putting their full weight on that ledge would wind up at the bottom of the cliff.

"Ah, Hawk.  .... There is something you should know about this cliff.  The ledge is going to give way," cautioned Buck.

Rogers' words startled Hawk, but didn't surprise him.  It was clear that he was mistaken to believe Rogers had any honor.  Hawk's anger and grief came boiling to the surface.

"I don't believe you." Hawk yelled furiously.  "I thought you had honor.  That you would fight me in fair combat, not try to shirk a battle.  It is clear to me that you humans have no stomach for hand to hand fighting, but rather use weapons to kill at a distance."

"Hawk, I'm telling you ..." Buck began.

"Silence, human, you are dead." Hawk hissed as he lunged at Buck.

Buck backed away from the ledge as Hawk came at him.  Hawk moved to the edge of the cliff to charge at Rogers again when the ledge shuddered beneath him.  Hawk was surprised at the sudden change of events when the ledge groaned, peeled away from the rock face and then gave way taking him with it.

Debris mixed with rock and vegetation came crashing down the cliff.  Hawk found himself being battered from side to side like a piece of wood going over a small waterfall.  When the dust finally settled, Hawk was too stunned to move at first as he laid among what was left of the cliff face and ledge.



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