Hawk's Fight with Buck


        (Alternative version of the fight scene from "Time of the Hawk")



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Chapter Twenty


Buck had been busy teaching Hawk about the various functions of the ship, Searcher.  Even though Hawk showed some enthusiasm for handling the vessel, there was a slight sadness almost a longing for something lost.  Buck had a pretty good idea just what was bothering Hawk.

After making some inquiries, Buck decided it was time to take Hawk to the hangar bay on the pretext of teaching him how to fly one of the starfighters.  "You did very well with handling the Searcher, Hawk.  Now let's see how you handle a starfighter.  You seen one before, remember?" Buck reminded him.

"Yes.  As I recall, you flew one with great skill," Hawk replied.

A few meters from the hangar bay, Buck decided it was time to spring his surprise on Hawk.  A surprise he knew that Hawk would definitely be happy to have.

"Hawk, I have some good news.  You remember you were forced to make a controlled crash landing in the jungle," Buck said to him.

"Yes, I remember.  My ship was damaged in the crash as was yours," Hawk replied.

"Not any more," Buck said.

"What?  The Warhawk has been repaired?  How?" Hawks asked.

Together they all went to the hangar bay where Hawk's ship, the Warhawk, was sitting.  Hawk went over the ship and found that it was back to being fully functional.  The necessary repairs and upgrades made to his ship had been started just after his trial was over, but not completed until a week later.

"Well, what do you think?" Buck asked with a grin.

"It's ... nice," Hawk replied in a voice so low that Buck could barely hear him.

Buck turned to look at Hawk and found him looking at his ship, but not really seeing it.  It was then that Buck realized there still were some bad memories connected to Hawk's ship that could not be erased within a few weeks.

"You don't have to go out and fly your ship right now, Hawk.  Maybe later, when you feel better," Buck said compassionately.

Hawk let out a sigh from deep within himself.  "I must fly my ship or I will never be able to fly again."

"I understand," Buck said placing a comforting hand on Hawk's shoulder.  "Do want me to accompany you?"

Turning to look at Buck, Hawk could only nod.  There still were some painful memories connected to his ship, but Hawk knew he would have to face them sooner or later.  Soon as he found his voice, he asked.  "Yes ... please.  I would not mind your company."

Soon a bird-shaped ship and a starfighter flew out together from the Searcher's hangar bay into the void of space.  Once free of the larger ship, Hawk put his ship though a series of tests to see just how well the repairs had been done.  Buck watched the Warhawk go through its maneuvers like the fully operational ship it appeared to be.

"Is your ship operating within all its parameters, Hawk?  Were all the repairs successful?" Buck asked as Hawk pulled his ship along side Buck's.

"Yes," Hawk replied.  "I want to thank you, Buck."

"For what?" Buck asked.

"For helping me deal with my pain.  I thought it would be impossible for me to fly once again, but you being here helped.  You did not force me to fly, instead you let me make my own choice as to when I would fly," Hawk replied.

"That is what friends are for; to help each other when they need help," Buck said, happy that he was able to help Hawk.

"Friends.  I like the sound of that," Hawk said, feeling that he was no longer alone.

Returning to the hangar bay, both ships landed in their respective places that had been assigned to them.  Both Hawk and Buck headed for the door leading out of the bay.  

Hawk turned to Buck.  "At first, I didn't believe that any human would show any compassion.  I was wrong.  I understand now why you, Buck, wanted to save me.  You are an honorable man.  You have shown me that not all humans are dishonorable and I can see that in time I will be able to trust you."

"I know that it will take time, Hawk, but we all promise to help you adjust to life here on the Searcher and to find the rest of your people," Buck said with a smile.

Leaving the hangar bay together, Hawk felt that he now had a reason to live.  He had a friend who would be there for him, Buck Rogers.






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