Hawk's Fight with Buck


        (Alternative version of the fight scene from "Time of the Hawk")



Teresa Spanics




Chapter Seventeen


"Don't worry, my dear boy.  There is nothing wrong with you.  It is just the anesthesia and tranquilizer that was given you has not yet worn off.   You suffered injuries that took time to heal as well so sleeping will help you recover from both," replied Dr. Goodfellow in a reassuring manner.  "So you just sleep when you feel tired."

"Thank you, Dr. Goodfellow.  I will rest when I feel I must," said Hawk, relieved to know that nothing was wrong with him.

The next few days were unnerving for Hawk as the therapy for his leg started out slow.  It was only the reassurance of Dr. Goodfellow that the speed of his recovery would improve over the next few days.  Hawk's frustration at the rate of his recovery went away as his leg improved and he was soon walking on his own.  Later, after being repaired, his black shirt and pants were returned to him along with his black armor, gloves and boots.  Their return helped strengthen Hawk's trust in Dr. Goodfellow.

Buck and Wilma came to see Hawk in the sickbay.  It was only after eating on his own for about a week that he was well enough for company.  They had been informed of the force feeding to save his life.  From his medi-bed and wearing his own clothes, Hawk saw Buck and Wilma as they were greeted by Dr. Goodfellow who then left them alone. 

Hawk could only wonder what they had planned for him now after he had recovered from his wounds.  He knew that as their captive he was at their mercy.  So far, Hawk had found himself being treated well, but for how long was the question.

"Well, you are looking better than when you first came in and when I last saw you in the sickbay," Buck said to Hawk.

Hawk was stunned by the amiable words.  "You were concerned about me?" he asked, surprised that a human would feel any concern for him.

"Yes.  Dr. Goodfellow told me just how close you were to dying that he had to force feed you.  The doctor wanted to give you a week to recover before allowing you to see anyone," Buck said.   "We are glad that you agreed to allow yourself to be cared for by our medical staff."

"Why?  I am not human." Hawk asked.

"It doesn't matter if you are human or not.  You must understand that we humans do have compassion.  I told them what you told me on Throm," informed Buck.  "It is obvious that you had been attacking humans in retaliation for the deaths of your people."

"We are here to find out what happened to your people on Throm," Wilma replied.  "The question that the Galactic Court will ask is if you had any idea who was responsible for your people's deaths.  They also want you to go on trial for the humans you killed."

"I don't know.  All I know is that it was murdering humans that killed all of my people," Hawk muttered sullenly.  "You don't know what it is like to be all alone.  The last of your kind.  Why should I be afraid if your 'Galactic Court' decides I should die?  There is nothing left for me."

Buck looked at Hawk straight in the face.  "Hawk, I know what it is like."

"What?  How?" asked Hawk.

"I went through what you are going through.  You see I lived about 500 years ago on Earth.  I was on a deep space mission.  Something went wrong when I passed too close to a comet.  It is believed that the gases in the comet froze my ship and me.  During the time I was frozen, a terrible holocaust occurred on Earth.  My family and friends died in that holocaust and the worst part is that the cause of the holocaust remains unknown to this day.  Believe me, I didn't want to live at first, but I found friends who I came to trust and who helped me to live in this new world and to adapt to it."

"When I first met Buck, I didn't know if I could trust him. After he risked his life to save Earth and proved that he was no threat, I had to help him come to terms with his loss of family and friends.  I also learned to trust him and became his friend," said Wilma.

"We are going to help you with your trial, Hawk," said Buck.

"You will be facing the Galactic Court in a week's time," Wilma told Hawk.

Hawk gave a short laugh.  "Your efforts would be in vain.  Your 'Court' will want me dead no matter what you say to them."  

"You just tell them what happened to your people," replied Buck.

"I still don't see what anything I say would be of any help to me," Hawk stated flatly.  "Even if I spoke at my trial, would your 'Galactic Court' believe what I say?  For all they care, I am a mad creature that must be destroyed."

"If you won't talk to the Galactic Court, then I will.  I will plead your case," Buck informed Hawk.  "I will make them listen.  I promise you."

"If that is your wish," Hawk said quietly.

Saddened that Hawk believed there was no hope for him to escape the death penalty that he felt the Court would pass on him, Buck and Wilma left him in the sickbay.  Buck felt heartsick about Hawk's situation.  He had to find a way to save the birdman.  He had to.  There had to be a way that he could show the Galactic Court that Hawk felt justified in killing humans in retaliation for the deaths of his people.




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