Hawk's Fight with Buck


        (Alternative version of the fight scene from "Time of the Hawk")



Teresa Spanics





Chapter Sixteen


Dr. Goodfellow came to see Hawk and check on his injuries.  "Well, my boy.  There is no longer any need for bandages.  Your right side has healed well.  It looks like we can soon start with physical therapy on your leg.  We will have you walking again.  It will take some time, of course."

"Will there be much pain?" Hawk asked warily.

"You will feel some pain, but be assured it will go away as we will start out very gently with your therapy," Dr. Goodfellow replied with a comforting hand on Hawk's shoulder.  "First, we need to get you some clothes.  No doubt you will want to take a shower first."

"Yes, if it is all right?" Hawk asked.

A loose fitting shirt and long gym pants were found for Hawk and Dr. Goodfellow brought to him and said. "Of course, my dear boy.  I will even help you wash yourself."

"Healer ... Dr. Goodfellow, I can do it myself," Hawk replied reassuringly.

"All right, but at least let me help you walk to the shower.  Your knee no doubt will be stiff at first and you will find it hard to bend," proposed Dr. Goodfellow.

Remembering how hard it was to use his right leg when he tried to escape the sickbay, Hawk admitted, "I will accept your help, Dr. Goodfellow."

With a smile, Dr. Goodfellow went to get a large towel to wrap around Hawk before he headed to the sickbay's shower facilities.  When the doctor came back with the towel, Hawk pulled the blanket away from his legs.  Then the birdman placed his good leg onto the floor before carefully pulling his injured leg to the edge of the bed and lowering it down.  After he removed the blanket from around him, Hawk wrapped the towel around his waist and pushed himself off the medi-bed.

Bracing himself for the pain, Hawk felt only a throbbing soreness coming from his right knee instead of the excruciating agony he had experienced before.  Hawk balanced himself against the medi-bed and then started to carefully walk with a slight limp toward the shower facilities. 

Dr. Goodfellow came up beside him and placed his shoulder under Hawk's left arm and said, "I don't want you to slip and fall now, my dear boy."

Hawk smiled at the elder doctor's demonstration of care and concern and made sure to put only a little of his weight on Dr. Goodfellow's shoulder, "Thank you for your help, Dr. Goodfellow.  My right knee is a little stiff."

With Hawk was braced against him, Dr. Goodfellow assisted the birdman in walking towards the shower facilities.  Once he was inside the shower facilities, Dr. Goodfellow helped Hawk remove the towel so he could sit down upon a shower chair that was inside the shower stall itself.

"If you need any help just call out and I will assist you," said Dr. Goodfellow.

"I will be fine," assured Hawk as he put the towel on a rod next to the shower stall.

Once he was sure that Hawk would be fine, Dr. Goodfellow closed the shower stall door and left the birdman alone to his shower. With his privacy confirmed, Hawk breathed a sigh of relief at the thought of the seclusion his shower would bring.

The shower controls were easy to operate and soon the tranquilizing effect of the warm water flowing over him helped Hawk to relax.  With a washcloth and a bar of soap, Hawk was finally able to scrub himself down.  The birdman gave himself a through washing from head to feet and make certain that all his body feathers were properly cleaned.  Sitting on the shower chair helped Hawk to wash his healed over wounds and, at the same time, allowed him to see just how well they were healing.

After finally rinsing himself off, Hawk sat on the shower chair and let the warm water cascade over him as he bent his head down slightly towards his chest.  Hawk wanted nothing more at that moment than to sit peacefully under the soothing stream of warm water.  Several minutes passed before a quiet tap on the shower stall door, brought Hawk out of his reverie. 

It was Dr. Goodfellow with a concerned look on his face.  "Are you all right, my dear boy?" he asked.  "You were very quiet in there."

"I am all right," Hawk said with a smile and reached for the shower controls to turn off the water and then picked off the towel from the rod.

Dr. Goodfellow hovered nearby as he watched Hawk's movements as the birdman carefully stood and dried himself off.  Hawk then wrapped the towel around his waist again and, once more with Dr. Goodfellow's assistance, walked back to the medi-bed.  Even though he felt tired, Hawk removed the towel, picked up the clothes given him and dressed himself before laying back down on the medi-bed.

"We will start your therapy tomorrow, Hawk.  Now you get some rest," said Dr. Goodfellow as he patted Hawk's arm.

"I will, Dr. Goodfellow," replied Hawk before he shut his eyes and fell asleep.

Hawk woke up later and wondered why he felt so sleepy even after he had slept.  He decided to speak to Dr. Goodfellow about it, "Dr. Goodfellow, what is wrong with me?   I cannot seem to stop sleeping."




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