Hawk's Fight with Buck


        (Alternative version of the fight scene from "Time of the Hawk")



Teresa Spanics





Chapter Twelve


Hawk looked Dr. Goodfellow in the face and tiredly said.  "I am ... surprised ... that ... any human ... would ... feel ... that way."

Dr. Goodfellow told Hawk.  "There are humans, like me, who only wish to expand of our knowledge of other life-forms, to become friends with them and let them live in peace on their home worlds."

Hawk moaned.  "I just ... want ... to go ... home."

"You can't right now," said Dr. Goodfellow soothingly as he placed a hand on Hawk's chest.  "Relax and go to sleep."

Hawk said as he shook his feathered head sluggishly from side to side.  "I ... I can't ... I ... must ... get ... out of ... here."

Suddenly a loud pounding on the door of the sickbay startled all of them.  Whoever was on the other side was determined to be let in.  In his drugged state, Hawk could only stare at the door and wish that he was able to get off the medi-bed he was on.

Realizing that the person on the other side of the sickbay door had to be dealt with, Dr. Goodfellow gestured for Nurse Jensen to deal with it.  "We best see who it is so I can tell them I am busy," said Dr. Goodfellow in a miffed tone of voice.  "I knew I should have said I did not want to be disturbed."

Nurse Jensen went to the sickbay door and called through the intercom.  "Dr. Goodfellow does not want to be disturbed unless there is a medical emergency," she informed the person standing just outside the sickbay door.

"Dr. Goodfellow, this is Captain Buck Rogers!  Would you please open the door?!  I only want to see how Hawk is doing and I do not want to use the emergency override command to get into the sickbay," replied Buck.

Hawk turned his head back to Dr. Goodfellow and exhaustedly asked, "Are you ... going to ... open the door ... healer," then corrected himself, "... Dr. Goodfellow?"

Knowing that Buck would no doubt use the emergency override command to enter the sickbay in his anxious state to see the birdman, Dr. Goodfellow decided that letting Buck in would be the best thing to do.  Sighing as he looked at Hawk, Dr. Goodfellow replied, "I will have to, my boy.  But do not worry, I will stay by your side," and then Dr. Goodfellow nodded to Nurse Jensen to let in Captain Buck Rogers.

The sound of the door of the sickbay opening made Hawk turn his head and he saw Rogers enter the room.  The birdman found himself gripping the blanket in tightly balled fists in uneasy expectation of another encounter with the human who had captured him.

Just what did Rogers want with him now?  Even with the elder healer beside him, Hawk felt fear course through his body as Rogers started to walk toward him.  He struggled to control his breathing and keep his body relaxed, but the knowledge that he was helpless and vulnerable made it hard to do.

Upon entering the sickbay, Buck saw that Dr. Goodfellow was standing by Hawk with a hand on Hawk's chest.  He could see that the birdman's body was tensing under the restraints that held him down on the medi-bed.

Buck also noticed Hawk's chest as it started to heave in apprehension and just how white the knuckles of Hawk's fists were as they tightly clenched the blanket.  It was obvious that he would have to assure the birdman that no harm was going to come to him.  With a gentle smile, Buck carefully approached the medi-bed that Hawk was laying on. 

"Dr. Goodfellow, Nurse Jensen," greeted Buck as the doctor and nurse who both nodded a greeting and then turned to Hawk, "Easy, Hawk.  I only want to see how you are and to talk to you," assured Buck in the gentlest tone of voice he could muster.

Hawk looked back at Dr. Goodfellow for reassurance, before deciding on answering Rogers and then he turned his head back to look at Rogers again.  "I am ... still alive ... as you ... can see. ...What ... do you ... want ... to ... talk about ... human?" Hawk asked as he struggled to get his breathing under control.

"Yes, I can see you are still alive.  Security informed us of your escape attempt.  Just what were you thinking, Hawk?  Even if you did manage to get past all the guards and escape, how long do you think it would have been before you would be recaptured?  Even if you had managed steal a ship and fly out of here, you would not have gotten far with your wounds.  You are in no condition to fly a ship," Buck said to Hawk in a voice he hoped conveyed the concern he felt for the birdman.

"I ... would have ... been ... free ... and ... not ... in ... these restraints ... I ... would be ... with Koori," gasped Hawk and then with sobbing breath asked, "Why ... did ... you ... save me ... instead ... of ... letting me ...die?"

"Because ... it was the right thing to do, Hawk.  I had to try and save you.  To prove to you that not all humans are uncaring and unfeeling.  You do not believe that now, but I hope that I can convince you in the future," replied Buck as he gently placed a hand on Hawk's shoulder and then added softly, "I am sorry that you had to be put in restraints, but it is for your own safety.  You need to heal.  I do not want you to die.  I want you to know that I understand your grief, Hawk.  I wish that Koori was still alive and that she could be with you."

Rogers' hand on his shoulder was a touch that Hawk was surprised felt comforting, but it was the words that Rogers wished Koori were still alive stunned Hawk.  It took a few minutes for Hawk to finally find his voice.  "You wish ...?" he asked quietly, unable to finish what he wanted to say, but somehow Hawk knew that Rogers understood him.




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