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While I was growing up, there were many programs that piqued my imagination.   Some of those I have rediscovered, like Zorro, Lost in Space and Buck Rogers.  Some programs, I even wrote stories about way back in my teen and younger adult years.  Right now, this is a small library, but I hope it will grow, not only with a few of my own stories, old and new, but with other's stories, too. 

While most of the stories in this section of the domain are from the TV series Lancer, there are other stories from other classic television shows. Prowl the wild west and beyond! 






Lancer Gallery!      Including wallpapers by LaJuan and Marilyn.    
Lancer Christmas vignettes- by LaJuan  Sweet Xmas memories from various POV's. (1/10)
Johnny Madrid 'Drabbles'- by LaJuan (1/10)
The Smile- (A Lancer story) by LaJuan     We love our men when they smile!   
Biding Time- (A Lancer story) by LaJuan   Johnny Madrid before the events of the show. 
The Saga of Johnny- (A Lancer Story) by LaJuan   
La Muerte de Johnny Madrid (An Emergency!/Lancer crossover) by Jamie Simmons and Lajuan     What is the connection between Johnny Gage and Johnny Lancer?
Encore- (A Lancer Story) by LaJuan    Oh, poor Val!  
Cat Love(A Lancer Story) by LaJuan  The circus is coming to town. it's not all fun & games.  
A Child Alone- (A Lancer Story) by Marilyn. How can a little boy cope with abandonment, torment & death? 
Lancer Drabbles- (short vignettes based on a Lancer challenge) by LaJuan
Marking Time- (A Lancer story) by LaJuan. Scott ponders his future. Precedes events of the show. 
Biding Time- (A Lancer story) by LaJuan.  Johnny's pov. Follows Marking Time. 
It's Time- (A Lancer story) by LaJuan. Murdoch's pov. Follows Biding Time and Marking Time. 
Lost Son- (A Lancer story) by LaJuan. Murdoch loses three sons. Precedes events of the show.
Sins of a Child- (Can Johnny survive what comes from his past to haunt him?) by Marilyn
Descendant's Origin- (A Star Trek TOS story!) by LaJuan An amazing discovery about the deep Vulcan past.
A Return to the Fold- (a 'classic' Battlestar Galactica story)- by Sue Kite An astronaut from Earth is found by Apollo and a grown-up Boxey.  
Posse-tively Wonderful!- (An Alias Smith & Jones story) by Sue Kite  Have Heyes and Curry reached the end of their trail? (4/2010)
A Time to Reflect- (A Time Tunnel/Zorro crossover)- Sue Kite  Tony and Doug find themselves fighting for their lives in Spanish California.                  
The Blue Box- (A Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea/Dr. Who crossover)-  by Sue Kite  Help for the crew of the Seaview comes from a most unusual source.
Corridors of Time- (A Buck Rogers/Time Tunnel crossover) By Sue Kite  How will the discovery of the secret tunnel affect survivors of the Great Holocaust?
Such a Lovely Shade of Purple- (mainly a Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea story, but with a surprising visit from a member of the Harry Potter universe.)  By Sue Kite, Carol & Lin.
Belonging- (a Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea/Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda crossover). By Michelle Pichette.
Comatose and Bored- (A Lancer story) Johnny has new tricks up his sleeve, or does he? By LaJuan
White Gold- (A Lancer story) A young woman gives in to insanity and drags Johnny Madrid along for the ride. By LaJuan


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